Barcelona for a Stag do


Stag do shenanigans

I know this off subject as this is titled as an Asian nightlife blog, but I was invited to an old friend’s stag do a few months back. To be held in Barcelona. I had always wanted to visit Barcelona so I decided to accept the invitation and meet them there.

This was quick a big deal it would mean flying from my base in Singapore to Barcelona partying hard for 3 days and then flying straight back. I did entertain the idea that maybe I should combine this with a visit to my family in the UK at the same time, but I decided not to bother. Anyway after 12hrs of lying 3 days of partying, I would be in no fit state to visit family.

So onto the Barcelona Nightlife

Barcelona is visited my millions of visitors every year, the city attracts a complete spectrum of tourist. From weekend breakers, football fans, cultural enthusiast, stag and hen do’s to clubbers. It really is a city that offers it all.

We stayed the Generator hostel, not my choice but the group had stayed in the Berlin one before and rated in highly. The hostel is about a 20min walk north of the top of La Rambla and Catalonia square. So fairly close to the centre without breaking the bank. I looked at hotels on La Rambla but they were twice the price. The hostel is not what I imagined from a hostel. We had a private twin room with our own bathroom.

Genrator hostel barcelona

As with all stag do’s I have experienced we hit it hard the first night, In fact the main group arrived a few hours before and were already several drinks in when I arrived. But I am the master at catch up, so a few quick beers and shots at the hostel bar and the playing field was levelled.

We first headed to an Irish bar located just off the bottom of La Rambla, the bar was called Lennox bar and they have a couple of sites in Barcelona and one in Mallorca, the one we went to was at Pla De Palau 9. The drink prices we ok here, cheap compared to England and Singapore so suited my group down to the ground, but not cheap compared to most of Asia. But the main reason we came here is to watch the football games and get a few beers down our necks at the same time.

We stayed there a couple of hours, drinking beer and after beer, as well as several rounds of Jager Bombs. By the time we left at around 23:30 we fairly battered. The plan was to head down to the port Olympic and the more lively bars there.

Port Olympic has a decent online reputation but is not as good as I had hoped the area was quiet and the only other people there apart from a few large groups of tourists seemed to be north African hookers and drug dealers. We must have been accosted 10-15 times in 3hrs and offered everything from cocaine to alley way sex. To be honest I would not hurry back to port Olympic it sucks.

We partied hard until around 4am when jet lag and alcohol finally beat most of us. We headed back to the hotel and slept it off. Most of the group surfaced around 11am and we sort of split into two groups. One group headed to the beach, whilst the group I was in headed to Catalonia square in search of much needed food. Again we gravitated to an Irish bar, this one called George Payne’s. Food was buy one get one free, so we all had the full English breakfast, Oh my god I had forgotten how nice a full English can be.


We found out as well that the FA cup final would be on the large screen as well. So we ended up in here all afternoon enjoying a bucket of 5 Heineken for only 10Euro’s. Bargain when you think we were paying 5Euro a beer at Port Olympic.

We didn’t make it as hard as the night before and ended up crashing out at around 1 am. We spent most of it here and spent some time wandering around La Rambla were we found a few other drinking establishments. The prices on La Rambla were more than the Irish bar but still it was better fun than Port Olympic.

The last night was spent at the hotel bar, which actually turned out to be good fun, lots of younger party goers like ourselves with a good atmosphere.

After 3 days I was exhausted and had an early flight home so I didn’t party to hard and was passed out by midnight. Back to Asia and what  I consider to be a better night life.

Pattaya City Thailand

Pattaya City Thailand

For those of you who have been living under a rock for many years. Pattaya city Thailand is one of the countries most visited destinations. With more than 5 million annual visitors, the city is huge part of Thailand’s tourist economy.

Located around 190km south of the Capital Bangkok, Pattaya is within easy reach. And is popular with both Thai tourists and tourists from Asia and further afield. Pattaya is also home to around 250,000 permanent expats, and several hundred more long term residents.

Pattaya city sign

Once a sleepy fishing village, the city has quickly developed into a major tourist hub. And it’s expansion seems not to be slowly down, everywhere you look around there are new condo buildings, new hotels and new attractions opening. The amount of money being spent here by both Thai and international companies on new developments is simply mind boggling.

As mentioned in the 1960’s this was a simple fishing village, with few residents and a few hundred homes. Completely un-known to foreigners. Then during the Vietnam war the US navy used the nearby Sattahip naval base, and the area became popular with servicemen looking to chill out a beach. Pattaya is only 20km north of Sattahip and the beach here became the favored spot.

We have all seen the war films, and are well aware that a beach alone was not going to cut it for the R&R seeking servicemen. And the ever entrepreneurial Thai’s spotted a niche in the market and bars began to open, a few along what is now beach road, over the next few years more and more bars opened. This started a sort of snowball effect, the more bars that opened, the more servicemen and regular tourists came, which provided custom for even more bars. And so on.

Very quickly Pattaya city became one of Thailand’s premier tourist hot spots and the expansion continued, even today more and more developments are happening. At some point the expansion surely has to end but there is no sign of that happening anytime soon.

At first Pattaya was known purely as a party town, and the folk who flocked here were mainly after the cities nightlife. The nightlife here is renowned the world over as awesome. Thousands of bars, clubs, Go Go’s and restaurants to choose from. The opportunity to party here in Pattaya is endless, there are several areas to choose from, and each offers something different. Check out this guide to Nightlife areas in Pattaya.

However over the last decade or so the resort has become a lot more mainstream. Now there are many family orientated resorts, especially to the north and south of the city. New family based attractions are opening every season. In fact there are now as many things to during the day as at night. A lot of this has been brought about by a combination of things. The city authorities constant battle to clean up it’s image. The large tour companies who now operate package holidays here for families. And the over saturation of the seedy side, meaning the business had to go after a different market to capture some trade.

Pattaya beach 1

Now Pattaya city is a general tourist spot, catering to many different genres of tourism, from backpackers, families, group tours, beach lovers, shopaholics and digital nomads (such as ourselves). It’s diversity will no doubt ensure its longevity, and Pattaya will not in our opinion be a flash in the pan destination. We expect the city to go from strength to strength. It has everything going for it, great climate, great facilities, ease of access (it’s own airport is expanding all the time), great food. And of course the wonderful Thai culture.

Prices in Pattaya are generally a lot cheaper than other more established Thai tourist spots, such as Bangkok, Phuket etc. And the city is extremely safe and secure. We would recommend anyone looking for a city that offers everything you could want from a holiday all in one place.

Angeles City nightlife Philippines

Angeles City nightlife

Angeles City Nightlife is rapidly becoming one of the best known nightlife areas. Not only famous and popular in the Philippines but now across the world. Over 1 million tourists visit the city every year looking for fun, bars, restaurants and good looking Filipino women.

Angeles City nightlife

Located roughly 80km north of the capital Manila, and only 30 mins from the economic zone at Clark, its location is a great draw. The rapid rise in Angeles City visitors, coincides with the ease of access. Flying into Clark airport is easy from most major South East Asian hub cities. This makes it a great weekend destination for many people living in such places as Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore, and Japan. Visitors from further a field can either fly direct into Manila and take a 1hr transfer, or many can now fly direct into Clark as well.

Many folk now consider the Angeles city nightlife to be a big rival to Pattaya in Thailand. Due to the abundance of girly bars, Go Go’s and freelancers. In fact there is even a walking street here. Some gents prefer Angeles, and some gents prefer Pattaya. It really is down to personal choice. The selection of bars and clubs to choose from is less here in Angeles, but then the number of tourists is also less, which sort of evens out.

The nightlife scene here is not all about girly bars and sex though. There are also some excellent Jazz venues, live music clubs and even a world class casino. The Casino is a big draw to Angeles for many Asian visitors, after all the Asian men do seem to like a flutter or two. The Casino is also a big draw over Pattaya as gambling is illegal in Thailand.

The bars here are not subject to closing times, and some are open 24hrs a day. It is possible to drink all hours if you so wish. However don’t expect much atmosphere during the day. The day time is generally filled with people looking for lunch, watching international sports or just chilling out waiting for the more lively evening fun to start. The place really starts to hot up around 7pm and gets into full swing by around 10pm.

The main area of the city that the gents will want to get to is called Bilibago (No not the guy from Lord of the Rings). The whole section of the city is dedicated to Angeles Nightlife scene. This is where you will find hundreds of bars, clubs and Go go’s all packed to the rafters with young and beautiful Filipino women all wiling to show you a good time for the right price. Now the scene here is different to other similar areas in Asian, namely Thailand. Here everything is negotiated up front with the mamasan (lady in charge) and all money is paid to her upfront. It is not up to the girl to negotiate a separate fee for extra services. These are included in the fee paid to mamasan. This may worry a few folk that once the money is handed over there is no reason for the girl to deliver? But don’t worry it is very rare to get ripped off during this transaction, if for any reason you don’t receive what you negotiated for then head back to the bar and have a word with Mama and all will be sorted. You can of course give the lady a tip if you are please with the nights shenanigans.

Angeles City girls

During the daytime there really isn’t a lot to do here. Except maybe chill by the resort pool or or take a walk around the local market. There are a few malls and shopping things to do during the day if you feel the need? Just ask at your hotel desk or i’m sure your temporary date for the evening will be more than glad to show you the shopping. Especially if she thinks she may get a present or two out of it.

Angeles city nightlife doesn’t feel as safe as other nightlife areas in Asia, and we would advise using cabs to get around especially during the evening. And keep your wallet safe and secure, in your front pocket is best. You will undoubtedly be approached by street hawkers offering, cigs, viagrs and whatnot but don’t engage with them all these can be bought cheaper in the shops and the hawkers have a habit off stealing your wallet whilst your negotiating with them.

If you take a young lady you have become friendly with back to your hotel, then make sure she shows her ID to the reception and they take a copy of it. This sound a bit of a chore, and some folk maybe embarrassed to show off their new GF, but don’t worry the receptionist has seen it all before. But what it does do is add a layer of security, believe us when we say she is less likely to cause to trouble if she can be ID’d to the police afterwards. Also if you have valuables in your room the use the safe and keep it locked whilst you have visitors. Don’t be put off by this paragraph this is just sensible advice and the vast majority of visitors experience no problems at all here.

We would highly recommend Angeles city nightlife to anyone looking for purely nighttime entertainment, and is not to bothered by daytime activity. It is a great weekend destination, but in our opinion not really a great place for more than a few days. Don’t know about you, but at our age a 3 or 4 days of partying and we are spent.

Nana Plaza Bangkok

Nana Plaza Bangkok

Located on Sukhumvit Soi 4, the entertainment complex known as Nana Plaza Bangkok is rumored to be the largest red light zone in the world.

Soi nana Plaza Bangkok

The 3 story square complex is a firm favorite among the sex tourists and visitors to the city. And is home to girly bars, Go Go’s, Lady boy bars, Nightclubs and a couple of short time hotels. Located only a short walk up from Sukhumvit road on the left it is easily recognizable by the neon lit signs that illuminate the area.

Unlike Patpong, Nana is not an official entertainment zone as recognised by the authorities and as such has to close at 01:00. The bars and clubs here are pretty strict on this timing. After which time a few pop up street side bars open up and it is possible to sit and drink on the side of Soi 4 until dawn. During regular hours the area is pretty safe and is well policed and there is no reason for tourists to feel unsafe. However after hours the police disperse and the whole area takes on a very different feel. Unless you are very familiar with Thailand and are a regular traveler, I would recommend not hanging around after 0100.

The area first appeared on the Bangkok nightlife scene in the 1970’s and was mainly a destination for food seekers, and the area was home to several restaurants all which had great reputations. However during the 1980’s a few girly style bars and Go Go’s began to appear in Nana, and the whole area slowly began to change into the Red light zone it is now famous for. The last non sex orientated bar was closed in 2005 and the now there is no reason to visit to Nana Plaza other than for then sex trade.

The area does attract a few main stream tourists looking to experience the whole atmosphere, similar to other zones around the world notably Amsterdam. However the main clientele are middle aged single males form western countries.

The bars which line Soi 4 are open daily from around 08:00, but the main action is when Nana itself opens up around 19:00 and the crowds of girls start to appear for work. By about 21:00 the area will be at its busiest and in full swing.

Getting to Nana couldn’t be easier, and is easily reached via the Skytrain simply alight at Nana station and walk a few hundred meters up towards soi 4. Prices here are higher than normal bars but are on a par with other similar areas of the city, such as Soi Cowboy and Patpong.


Lining Sukhumvit along from Nana station you will find a selection of street stalls selling all kinds of wares in a mini night market kind of way. These stalls are generally over priced and you can easily find better quality and prices at one the more mainstream night markets in Bangkok.

If you after a snack or bite to eat to line your stomach for a night of drinking then the restaurants here are not as good as previously. However there are few decent street carts offering good Thai food, and a few snacks.

Chiang Mai Nightlife

Chiang Mai Nightlife

The Chiang Mai Nightlife scene is vastly different to that of Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket. Here the whole scene is much more relaxed and chilled.

Chiang Mai nightlife

Chiang Mai itself although one of Thailand’s most popular cities is still rather small, and you only need a week or so here to experience most it. That being said it doesn’t mean you only want to stay here a week. In fact Chiang Mai is extremely popular with long term visitors and expats. Especially those classed as digital nomads, people who make a living online and as such can live where they please.

Catering for the large foreign population and huge visitor numbers means there is a very vibrant nightlife scene here. The party atmosphere is varied and caters for all types of fun seekers. There is a very popular live music scene here, chilled riverside bars, great food outlets, luxury 5 star hotel bars, roof tops bars and a select few girly venues.

The live music venues cater for a varied genre of tastes, from Reggae, funk, jazz, rock to lounge music. These are the popular bars in the city. Every night of the week you will be able to find somewhere to kick back, relax and enjoy some great music. Bear in mind though the acts have regular slots, so you may wish to mix up venues from time to time otherwise it can quickly become rather repetitive.

Down by the riverside are many popular bars and restaurants especially suited to those looking for a more chilled and relaxed evening. Here the whole feel is a lot more hippy and beach (although it is nowhere near a beach), this is where the chic and younger crowd tend to hang out. The bars are relaxed and varied, some live music, some sport, some just beach bar style. Good for an evening or two, but not great if your looking for a raucous time.

There are a few theme pubs/bars in Chiang Mai such as an old style English pub and of course the obligatory Irish bars as with any city anywhere in the world.

The most popular side of the Chiang Mai nightlife scene is the clubs, with several large clubs. Both Thai style nightclubs and European dance venues exist here. This is where the large crowds of younger folk gather, and the clubs are popular with both younger Thai nationals, and younger foreigners alike. The clubs are mixed and foreigners are welcome in Thai clubs and vice a versa.

There are as mentioned before also a few of the more familiar girly bars and Go Go’s here in Chiang Mai. However this type of entertainment is nowhere as prevalent as in other places such as Bagnkok or Phuket’s Bangla road.The number of bars catering for this scene is very limited and venues can be counted on one hand. As well as the bars there are also a few “Massage parlors”, Brothel type places and of course short time hotels.

Chiang mai 2

The night market here is geographically the center of nightlife, and is a great place to start any evening. the market is also a great place to grab some great food and has plenty of options to choose from. Thai and international restaurants offer very reasonably priced food. But the best option in our opinion is the food stalls scattered around the market offering popular Thai dishes. For the daring why not try some local delicacies such as crickets, cockroaches or fermented chicken blood. Don’t worry if you are a little squeamish there are also plenty of places to get more traditional food such as noodle soup, Pad Thai, and stir fries.

Overall we recommend Chiang Mai nightlife, due its varied selection of venues and it’s ability to cater for all tastes. Much more chilled and relaxing than other Thai night spots. If you are in Northern Thailand or planning on visiting the area then a few evenings spent partying here should be on your list.

Patpong market Bangkok

Patpong market Bangkok

Patpong market bangkok

Probably the most famous nightlife zone in the city, Patpong market bangkok is a regular spot for most visitors to the city.

Officially certified as an entertainment district by the authorities the bars and clubs of Patpong can stay open longer than at other popular districts within the city such as Nana Plaza or Soi cowboy. Patpong is probably the best know red-light zone in Bangkok.

Although it is primarily known as red light zone, Patpong is also a very popular night market and is frequented my more main stream tourists, rather than seedy old men looking for action.

The first road in the area Patpong 1 was built in 1946 and was home to a small collection of shop houses. Patpong 2 was added around a year after this. To this day the streets are still privately owned by one family of Chinese immigrants.

During the Vietnam War the area really started to come to life as the US troops used to visit Bangkok looking for some R&R. The Patpongpanich family saw this as an opportunity to increase the popularity of the area, and developed a few small bars and clubs to attract the servicemen. This proved very popular and the area really began to thrive.

Building steadily as the number one nightlife spot in Bangkok during the 70’s and 80’s, the area was very successful and Patpong attracted most of the foreign sex trade in Bangkok

During the early 90’s however the family decided to turn Patpong 1 into a night market in an attempt to clean up its reputation. This may have been a moral decision, but it was more than likely brought about by the Thai authority’s decision to try and clean up Bangkok’s reputation as a whole.


No matter the reason behind the decision it proved effective and the area now attracts a lot more main stream tourists. And the night market is very busy. The soi’s and sides of the market still have the odd Go Go or girly bar, but their numbers are slowly decreasing. And the level of indecency has fallen dramatically.

The night market is a tourist focused market, and offers the usual gifts, cheap clothing and souvenirs. Prices here are rather expensive and you can much better bargains at other markets in the city. Patpong market bangkok is now also a great place to grab some food, with many restaurants and loads of food carts all offering reasonably priced food.

Located near the Sky Train station Sala Daeng it is easily reached for anyone staying in Central Bangkok.

Full moon Party

Full moon Party

Back in 1985 a small group of backpacking travelers started what is widely believed to be the first ever full moon party. The very first party consisted of only 20-30 revelers. Now the party regularly attracts close 30,000 people a month. This is a true testament to the marketing power known as word of mouth.

Being such a rip roaring success, the full moon party has now spawned mini versions know “half moon party” and “quarter moon party”. Which in effect means there is some sort event taking place on a weekly basis?  But be in no doubt if you want the real experience then the full moon party is still the biggest and by far the best.

Full Moon Party Thailand

Located on the island on Koh Pha Ngan the huge Mecca for revelers is a constant battle between the local islanders and the thousands of tourists it attracts. On the one hand the noise pollution, seedy behavior, and general disturbance caused by the swarm of 30,000 20 year olds and on the other hand the obvious boost to the otherwise stagnant local economy.

Over the years there have been numerous attempts to ban the party, the last such attempt being in 2014 when the newly created ruling military junta placed a banning order on the Full Moon Party. Hover this banning order was rarely enforced by the more local powers that be. In the end a settlement was drawn and the ban now only affects the smaller half and quarter moon parties.

None of this has been effective in damping down the atmosphere and as mentioned over 30,000 revelers still flock here each month. Enjoy loud music from several genres including Trance, Reggae, and drum and bass. The party has a wide reputation for excessive sexual activity, alcohol abuse and illicit drugs. This all serves to attract the unwanted criminal aspect which at times causes violent exchanges between rival gangs vying for the easy money on offer.

Anyone thinking of attending and partaking in any of these activities should be very mindful of the very strict Thai laws governing public decency and drugs. The Thai’s take a very strict view on these things and anyone caught breaking these laws will be punished severely, much more than they could expect in their own countries for a similar offence. At times it is believed that the odd case is used as a PR stunt by the ruling government and sentences are extremely hard, in an attempt to warn others.

Having said all of the above the Full Moon party is worth visiting and has become a regular fixture on many a backpacking itinerary. And we certainly do not wish to put you off this amazing experience. Just exercise caution when here and everything should be fine. The party starts at dusk just as the full moon first appears and the official party finishes in the early hours of the day. All thought the unofficial party goes on for days.

Tips for staying safe at the full moon party, keep enough cash with you for drinks and return taxi to the hotel. But don’t bring more than you need. Keep valuables at your resort no need for I phones or expensive cameras here. Bring a copy of your photo page from your passport. Get your hotel or resort to write it’s address in both English and Thai to ensure getting home safely.  And DO NOT partake in drugs as mentioned they are illegal here and carry very stern penalties.

Soi Cowboy bangkok

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Made famous on 2012 by the film Hangover part 2, Soi Cowboy Bangkok is one of the capitals best party zones. This short 150 meter long stretch of bars and clubs attracts thousands of tourists and expats each night, all looking for the hangover experience.

Soi Cowboy bangkok

Located near the BTS skytrain station Asok, and between Sukhumvit Soi 21 and 23 it is easily reached by public transport from any of Bangkok’s main central hotels.

Soi Cowboy first appeared on the Bangkok scene when the very first bar opened here back in 1977 by retired US air service man T. G. “cowboy” Edwards. Hence its unofficial but easily recognisable name Soi Cowboy.

Soi Cowboy is not officially recognised as an entertainment zone by the authorities and as such it’s official closing time for the bars, clubs and Go Go’s is 01:00. However as with a lot of Thai laws this seems to fluctuate from time to time and it is not uncommon for bars to be open as late as 02:00 or even 03:00.

The Soi is home to over 40 bars, Go Go’s and night clubs and is a popular spot for visitors to the city as well as expats living here full year. Drink prices here are expensive when compared to other areas of the city especially those that don’t attract tourists. Although it is still cheaper than the popular Patpong area.

What was originally a red light zone, with the main purpose of the bars and Go Go’s was to attract rich western men wishing to find a beautiful Thai lady they could bar fine and have as a “date” for the evening. It has now morphed into a sort of attraction of its own, and attracts more main stream tourists. The seedy side still exists and the outside each of the bars and Go Go’s you will still find Young Thai ladies parading in very skimpy outfits hoping to attract a date for the night.

Soi Cowboy attracts many tour groups who visit on organised tours, and it is not uncommon to find swarms of tourists being led by a guide up and down the street trying to grab a photo or two. These are mainly tourists from neighbouring Asian countries such as Japan, China and South Korea.

Soi Cowboy should be on everyone’s hit list if they are stopping in Bangkok. It really is like nothing you will find the western party scene. A great experience to say you have been. It is very safe area to visit and is reglulary patrolled by police. There are a lot of stories banded about about con bars and guests being ripped off and over charged. This is not the reality and you can rest assured that although you are probably paying 20-30 baht a drink more than in normal bars, you will not have mysterious charges or drinks appear on your tab.

Over the years there have been many movies filmed in Soi Cowboy Bangkok such as Bridgit Jones Diary 2, The Hangover part 2, and Bangkok Dangerous.

5 Simple Travel Tips Every Traveler Should Keep in Mind When Visiting Thailand

Traveling to Thailand can be very enriching for the soul. Bangkok, its capital city, has so much energy with its wonderful sights and unique culture. This is the reason why it attracts millions of tourists annually. The city keeps the people on its toes, with monks and conservatives everywhere. On the other hand, it is also a city that is open and liberated when it comes to transgenders and women. The cost of living, food, entertainment and accommodations are low. Thai people are friendly, so you won’t have to worry about walking around and asking for directions.

Despite a few misconceptions that other people say about this country, your stay in Thailand can be very pleasant if you just know what to do, where to go and how to go about certain experiences. Below are a few tips that will make your travel not only pleasant and cheap but also enriching.

Effective Thailand Travel Tips

1. Travel during low peak season.

May, June and until September are the months that are considered low-peak. It is because it is the monsoon season where rain and drizzles are expected. The rain is not so bad in Thailand. The temperature never gets cold and the rain does not last for more than an hour. If a little rain does not bother you and you want lower prices during your travel, this is the best time to come to the country,

2. Know the cheap air carriers that can let you get around different parts of Thailand and its neighboring countries.

You can use Skyscanner to know the cheapest flights. It will help you search for the best fare. Also, look out for flights by Air Asia, Nok Air, and Tiger Airways. In fact, you can use these carriers to cross other countries nearby like Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Laos.

3. Pack light.

Thailand is the best country to travel to for backpackers. There are several places for tourists that you can visit without the hassle of long trips. It is also a tropical country so you don’t have to worry about thick sweaters, jackets, and warm clothing. There are also several places where you can just buy your clothes from as a souvenir.

4. Learn how to haggle and barter.

The most wonderful places to shop in Thailand are found on the streets. There are so many items that you can only find in Thailand, like unique fabrics and other local souvenirs. Sellers are willing to give you a good price, so don’t just settle for the given price. Learn how to haggle. 2 of the most popular places are Khao San Road and the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

5. Know the best and cheapest places for accommodations.

Depending on your budget, you can always stay in high-end hotels or go for much cheaper accommodations. Conrad Hilton Bangkok comes highly recommended given that it’s a 5-star hotel. If you like an apartment-style or an executive suite, you can go for Aloft Sukhumvit 11 Hotel and Citadines Sukhumvit 11. If you’re on a cheaper budget, you can go for the Diamond House, Sawasdee Hotels, Lub d Hostel and HI-Sukhumvit. There are, of course, unpopular ones where you only rent a bed and share a room with other travelers. Just make sure to keep yourself and your valuables safe.

The most important thing to remember is to be open-minded about the culture and be a law-abiding traveler. There will be challenges as Thailand is very different from the West. But the people are friendly, and you can definitely learn from its culture and from the places that you get to visit.